Worldremit review

Did you want to send money to your friends ? or you want to receive money from someone?. This worldremit review will teach you everything you need to send money and receive money from any country you are in. 

This worldremit review is for; worldremit review in Ghana, worldremit review in South Africa, worldremit review in Nigeria, worldremit review in India, worldremit review in Kenya, worldremit review in Philippines etc.

So let’s get started!

What is worldremit

Worldremit review

Worldremit is an online Mobile banking platform where you can receive money and send money or airtime. You can send money on your laptop or smartphone. 

Worldremit offer some way to send money such as;

Bank transfer

Cash pickup

Mobile money

Airtime pop-up

Two million people made a transfer with WorldRemit last year. Why? Because of the many benefits of sending with them.

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Benefits of using worldremit mobile banking

They’re fast

You can make a transfer to family and friends in a matter of minutes on your laptop, or phone. And, in most cases, they’ll receive it instantly.

They’re easy to use

It’s so simple to make a transfer with WorldRemit. If you do have any queries, they’re always glad to help anytime, night or day.

They’re low cost

There are never any nasty surprises. They are totally transparent and show their fees and exchange rates up front.

They’re secure

Nobody takes care of your hard earned cash better. That is why people in over 50 countries trust them to send money to the people they care about in over 130 countries. Money is guaranteed to arrive safely every time, thanks to their industry-leading technology. Plus, they’re licensed by government regulators globally.

It pays to refer a friend

When you introduce a friend to WorldRemit, you’ll both be sent a money-off voucher to use on your next transfer.

Zero Fees

So why not give WorldRemit a try today. You can even get zero fees on your first money transfer.

Is worldremit legit

Worldremit is 100% legit, you can start transferring money to your friends without any issue. They have good customer service representatives, they will respond to your email if you encounter any issue with them. And they will help you instantly.

Worldremit app

If you want to download the worldremit app you can download it on the play store and start using it on your phone.

Worldremit app


I hope this worldremit review clears your doubts about worldremit. Believe me we can’t give you wrong information here in harblextips. We always find out how legit any platform is, before we can write a review about them.

So, I trust this platform. You can go ahead and sign up with them. And start enjoying your money transfer !

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