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Here you will find all the information about where is Henry cavill now. Keep reading this article to know more about where is Henry cavill living.

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The actor doesn’t reside in a top-storey penthouse or a mammoth multi-bedroom mansion, instead, he actually lives in a modest mews – which is a small converted stable. The property is located in South Kensington, and is relatively small in size as he revealed while speaking on The Rich Eisen Show.

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Henry went on to clarify, “It doesn’t look like a stable either, there’s not sawdust and horses and stuff.”

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The star is a big fan of gaming, and he even took it upon himself to rebuild a computer for scratch, much to the surprise of his fans.

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One penned: “Hottest geek video I’ve ever seen,” while another added: “I don’t know about games but I loved the soundtrack and the curtains, of course.”

The actor has a small residence in London

Where is Henry cavill now

The video revealed a glimpse at the small space which features a red leather desk and floral curtains.

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Earlier this year, Henry posted a photograph of himself and his new girlfriend Natalie Viscuso. They posted outside of a grand white-fronted mansion, but it is not known if this is one of their properties.


This is little bit about where is Henry cavill now. Celebrities are not having particular place of living.

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