Watch Jungkook Calvin Klein Leaked Video

For many fans of BTS, seeing Jungkook as a Calvin Klein model would be a dream come true. On Sunday, March 26, the well-known brand became a trend after speculation that the 25-year-old South Korean idol had collaborated with ck. Among the strongest clues spread by fans are three leaked photos of an alleged campaign that would soon come to light.

The members of BTS have made the leap as ambassadors for famous fashion and jewelry houses: Jimin works with Dior and Tiffany &Co; J-Hope, with Louis Vuitton; Suga, with Valentino; Taehyung, with Celine; and RM would be close to signing with Bottega Venetta.

Calvin Klein and Jungkook

Although there is still no official announcement that Jungkook and Calvin Klein They have begun to negotiate some type of image association, yes there are some movements in networks that give hope to fans.

The official Calvin Klein account began following the BTS profile on Instagram on March 23. It is important to remember that Jungkook terminated his individual user on February 28. Likewise, screenshots are disseminated from Twitter showing that the underwear and urban clothing company responds with suspenseful emojis to direct questions about collaboration with Jungkook.


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