Watch Ben Roberts Smith Reddit

Ben Roberts Smith Reddit

News reaches harblextips as we heard about the Ben Roberts Smith Reddit that was trending recently. Ben Roberts Smith was found to have murdered unarmed prisoners in Afghanistan.

The court found the respondent established the substantial truth of the following imputations:

  • That Mr. Roberts-Smith murdered an unarmed man by kicking him off a cliff and procuring soldiers under his command to shoot him
  • That Mr. Roberts-Smith broke the moral and legal rules of military engagement and is, therefore, a criminal
  • That he committed murder by pressuring an inexperienced SAS trooper to executive an elderly, unarmed Afgan to “blood the rookie”
  • That he committed murder by machine-gunning a man with a prosthetic leg
  • That he was so callous and inhumane that he took the prosthetic leg back to Australia and encouraged other soldiers to use it as a novelty beer-drinking vessel
  • That while as deputy commander of a SAS patrol in 2009, he authorized the execution of an unarmed Afghan by a junior trooper

I’m not an expert, but I believe the judge’s language said that even though they didn’t prove the bullying/domestic violence allegations, they didn’t matter. Basically, if someone calls you a wifebeater and a war criminal, and proves that you’re a war criminal, it doesn’t matter that they couldn’t prove you were a wifebeater.

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