Twin obo biography

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Twin OBO Biography

Twin obo biography

Stage Name: Twin OBO

Date Of Birth: 1990s

Age: Under 30 years old 

Profession: Comedian 

Nationality: Nigerian 

State Of Origin: Owerri State

Net Worth: $30,000 dollars

Who Is Twin OBO

Twin OBO is a fast-rising Nigerian comedian, who resemble the popular Nigerian singer known as “Davido” OBO (BMW) 

Davido Snapchat Username

Twin OBO goes viral on social because he resembles the popular Nigerian singer known as “Davido”

Twin OBO Career

Twin OBO is a fast-rising comedian because he resembles a Nigerian singer known as davido. Twin OBO was featured on a comedy skit with a popular Nigerian comedian known as “The cute Abiola” also known as “Lawyer kunle” in that comedy skit;


Twin OBO kit like a real Nigerian singer (Davido) to rent a house where the lawyer Kunle lives. Lawyer kunle was first shocked when he saw Twin OBO in his area, twin obo told lawyer kunle that he wanted to rent a room to live in for a while.

But lawyer kunle doesn’t know that twin obo is not a real davido, but he is hesitant about it. Twin obo sent lawyer kunle sm*ke and promise him to give him 1k dollars. Twin obo still owe them the house rent, he told lawyer kunle and landlord that his wife and son are coming with a bag of money which is the real Davido’s wife (Chioma)

In the end lawyer kunle finally found that twin obo is not a real davido. He caught him when he was arguing with his people who are following him to be like real davido.


Twin OBO Date Of Birth

Twin obo was born in the 1990s, he is a native of Owerri state, Nigerian. Twin obo is under 30 years old at the time of writing this article on twin obo biography and net worth.

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Twin OBO Instagram Handle

You can follow twin obo on Instagram via his official Instagram account @twinobo

Twin OBO Net Worth

The estimated twin obo net worth is 30k dollars at the time of writing this article about twin obo biography and net worth.


You wonder how come? I was also shocked when I saw his photo on social media. Rate this guy from 1-100% on resembling davido. What is your rate?

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