Tunji Bamishigbin Biography

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Tunji Bamishigbin Biography

Tunji Bamishigbin Biography


Real Name: Tunji Bamishigbin

Stage Name: Veteran

Date Of Birth: unknown

Age: 80-90 years old

Profession: Actor, Movie Producer

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Unknown

Net Worth: $80,000

Who Is Tunji Bamishigbin

Tunji Bamishigbin Biography

Tunji Bamishigbin is a Nigerian popular actor, movie producer. He was graduated from theater and law. Tunji bamishigbin is a wanted in 1998.

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Tunji Bamishigbin Career

Tunji Bamishigbin joined movie industry years back ago. When he have passion for acting film. Tunji Bamishigbin has so far involved in television series, palace, and other place.

Tunji Bamishigbin said he wouldn’t go into politics except it will give time to focus on movie production.

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Tunji Bamishigbin Date Of Birth

We don’t know the exact date of birth of Tunji Bamishigbin but in our review he supposed to be at under 80 years to 90 years.

Tunji Bamishigbin Wife

Marriage has been very sweet. Tunji Bamishigbin got married to his sweetheart from secondary school days, although he didn’t attend the same school.

They also grew up in the same neighborhood and were family friends of some sort. They parted for their university studies and came back after graduation.

They have the same curve to life- to impact people. They individually mentor people and sometimes, come together to do the mentoring.

They are happy to be able to influence peoples’ lives and that has worked for them really well. Their marriage is over 30 years old and they have never stayed apart from each other. Marriage has been beautiful for him and thank God for the journey.

Tunji Bamishigbin Net Worth

The estimated of Tunji Bamishigbin net worth is $150,000 dollars, in terms of writing this article about tunji bamishigbin biography and net worth.

Tunji Bamishigbin Instagram

You can follow Tunji Bamishigbin on Instagram via his official Instagram account @tunjibamishigbin


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