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Tundenny Biography

Tundenny biography

Full Name: Sulaimon Babatunde

Stage Name: Tundenny

Born: 28 October 1996

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Business Name: Tundenny Graphic Suite

Education: Iwerekun Community High School

Parents: Isa Muse Sule, Sulaimon Olabisi

Siblings: Sulaimon Aminat, Sulaimon Ibrahim, Sulaimon Fatimoh, Sulaimon Mubaaraq, Sulaimon Musediq

State of Origin: Lagos State

Place of Birth: Ibeju-Lekki LGA

Religion: Christianity

Nationality: Nigerian

Who Is Tundenny

Who is tundenny

Tundenny, whose full name is Sulaimon Babatunde is a graphic designer and a visual content creator in Lagos. He is a graphic designer who endeavors to encourage his fellow designers to move forward through his free tutorial videos on his youtube channel.

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Tundenny Date Of Birth

Sulaimon Babatunde popularly known as tundenny was born 28 October 1996 and happens to be the first son of his parents. Through his father’s help he successfully became a designer at the age of 16 at Sammy prints organization in 2014.

Tundenny Early Life

Tundenny is a resident of Lagos Nigeria, born in Ibeju-Lekki into the family of Isa Muse Sule known as his father and his mother name is Sulaimon Olabisi. Tundenny has five siblings, two girls and three boys. Tundenny is a Yoruba, a Christian worshipper.

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Tundenny Educational Background

Tundenny studied his Secondary education at Iwerekun Community High School Lakowe in Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos State and completed his Elementary at Roman Catholic Mission School.

Tundenny Career/Personal Life

Tundenny was registered under Sammy Prints organization as an apprentice through his father’s help in 2009, the above institute is a firm owned by Raji Samson Elemoro. Tundenny served as an apprentice under Raji Samson for five years and freed in year 2014.

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Furthermore, after his freedom, Tundenny worked with different organization in Lagos, Nigeria which deals with Computer Services, and then he was employed as a Graphic Designer/Typist, and at that moment he uses his talented skills to created Logos, Flyer Handbill, Flex Banners and others for client during his services.

Tundenny also operated at De-Conglomerated Property and Construction Company in 2017 He was Hardworking and Creativity during his service with the above company and at the same time around 2018, he started to plans on establishing himself, while he was still working under companies.

Tundenny Organization/Business Name

Tundenny Graphic Suite is a graphic design business founded on the 10th of March, 2020 by Sulaimon Babatunde. Here are the graphic designed by tundenny.

Tundenny graphic suite





Tundenny Girlfriends/Wife

Not in any relationship, single.

Tundenny Net Worth

No net worth – when is available you’ll be notified.

Tundenny Social Handles

Facebook: Tundenny

Instagram: Tundenny

Twitter: Tundenny

Linkedin: Tundenny Original

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