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Tragic End on the Road: Young Student’s Life Cut Short in Gazipur Accident

In the bustling streets of Gazipur’s Pubail area, a young life was tragically cut short in a harrowing accident that underscores the perilous state of road safety in Bangladesh. Habib ur Rahman, an 18-year-old college student, met a fatal end when a bus ran over his motorcycle, marking a somber day in the community and igniting a conversation on the urgent need for improved traffic enforcement and safety measures.

Habib, a diligent student at Pubail Adarsha College, was navigating the road on his motorcycle, a routine journey turned deadly in an instant. The incident, which occurred around noon on the Tongi-Kaliganj regional road in the Karamatla area, began with a collision involving a CNG-run auto-rickshaw. This initial impact caused Habib to lose control and fall onto the road, placing him directly in the path of an oncoming bus operated by Pubail Paribahan Limited. Despite the presence of locals and eyewitnesses, the bus fled the scene, leaving behind a community in shock and mourning.

Officer-in-Charge Kamruzzaman of the Pubail Police Station confirmed the details of the tragic event, highlighting the swift and fatal consequences of the collision. The loss of Habib ur Rahman, a resident of Morkun Madhyapara and a cherished member of the local student community, has prompted an outcry for justice and heightened awareness around road safety issues. Eyewitness accounts and local responses underscore the gravity of the situation, as the community grapples with the sudden loss of a young life and the stark reminder of the dangers that lurk on the roads.

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