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Home » Tragedy Strikes Nijgadh: Gas Cylinder Explosion Claims Three Lives

Tragedy Strikes Nijgadh: Gas Cylinder Explosion Claims Three Lives

A gas cylinder explosion in Nijgadh claims three lives and raises serious safety concerns. The incident underscores the importance of stringent safety measures in workplaces dealing with hazardous materials. The community responds with solidarity and calls for enhanced safety standards to prevent future tragedies.

In a small workshop at Sahid Chowk in Nijgadh, a bustling town that rarely makes headlines, a gas cylinder explosion on Monday turned an ordinary day into a tragic scene. The incident claimed the lives of three individuals, including 45-year-old Resham Pulami, who perished on the day of the explosion. The other two victims, 35-year-old Rakesh Jaiswal and 20-year-old Ritu Rajat, succumbed to their injuries the following day at Vayodha Hospital in Birgunj. This devastating event has not only left the town in mourning but has also raised serious concerns about safety standards in workplaces across the region.

According to reports, the explosion occurred during a routine welding operation at the workshop. The blast injured five other individuals, including two Indian nationals, highlighting the dangers that workers face daily. The injured are currently receiving medical treatment, with the community hoping for their speedy recovery. In response to this tragic event, police have detained two individuals for further investigation, aiming to understand the circumstances that led to such a fatal outcome.


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