Toyota corolla 2008 price in Nigeria

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Toyota Corolla 2008 Price In Nigeria

The Corolla needs no introduction. If you love vehicles that are easy to drive, efficient, and relatively cheap to maintain, then you can be sure to love the Toyota Corolla. Apart from the fact that this Toyota model rates among the most sought-after sedans in recent times, it also rates among the rugged and most reliable.

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In terms of design and overall exterior, there are no clear differences between the 2008 Corolla and the initial 2003 model. The brand has maintained the same design since 2003 and will look to change to another design in 2009. However, fans still had to make do with that design for 2008, something people had only little to complain about thanks to its consistent class and style.

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All the Toyota trims feature a standard 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that offers 126 horsepower. It is a bit uneven at higher revs and is not quite silent on the road, but its delivery of 28/37 mpg with the five-speed manual and 26/35 mpg with a four-speed automatic makes the engine powerful and strong.

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The strut front and torsion beam rear suspension could not be more average in the specification, but it is composed and smooth to a very large extent. Standard on all cars is a 60/40 folding rear seat and a CD player; The vehicle features various types of power options and its fuel economy is amazing.

Toyota Corolla 2008 Price In Nigeria

Toyota corolla 2008 price in Nigeria

The 2008 Toyota Corolla still lines among the most sought-after models, due to its efficiency and affordability among other attributes. Nigerian used versions are generally easier to acquire and still sustain good second-hand value. Below is a table of average estimated market value for both Nigerian and foreign used.

Toyota corolla 2008 price

Toyota Corolla 2008 is N2,300,000 – N2,900,000 million naira

Like most other Toyota Corolla models, the 2008 model comes in three main trims – the base CE, a sporty S, and a deluxe LE. They all feature the same 126-hp four-cylinder engine that puts power down to the front wheels via either a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual depending on the transmission type.

You would be forgiven to assume the sedan is underpowered at a first glance. You might think too much of its lovely style and assume it is not so strong but various users have testified of the vehicle’s remarkable strength, balance on the road, and ruggedness.

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