top 30 selling us rappers

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The rap goes back many years before hip-hop culture from the origins. There are 30 US rappers, who have been selected in the top 30, for the best selling for their song, mUSic etc. Here we have given the list of Top 30 Selling US Rappers 2022 in the following information, which has been listed below in the table.

Rhyme, Rhythmic speech, and Street vernacular are the vocal delivery that incorporates the mUSical form in Raping. It is sung or shouted over a mUSical accompaniment or backing beat. Content, flow, and delivery are all elements of rap. Rap is spoken-word poetry in that it is frequently performed off-beat to mUSic, which is different from the general word. Rap is generally connected with hip-hop mUSic since it is a critical component.

Top 30 Selling US Rappers

top 30 selling us rappers

Here are the list of top 30 selling US rappers list.



Kendrick Lamar

Dr. Dre

Nicki Minaj

Ice Cube

Master P

Ja Rule

Vanilla Ice


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