top 100 chinese female names

The naming of a baby is an auspicious custom for any family, and it is a memorable moment for parents. Here you will find more about top 100 chinese female names. Keep reading this article to know about top 100 Chinese girls names.

Chinese names hold a lot of pride in their culture and traditions. Most of these names are related to the beauty of nature, which reveals their belief in Mother Earth.

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The Chinese name culture uses mostly two to three words in the baby name. The first names depict the surname, the last names signify the given name, and if present, the middle names belong to the root generation. The middle names are taken from the oldest member of the family generally.

In many parts of Asia like Taiwan, Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, and Singapore, baby names are decided based on astrological factors. It includes the date and time of birth, the balance of all the five elements like water, fire, earth, metal, and wood, and more.

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Beautiful Chinese names often signify grace, authority, philosophy, virtue, etiquette, traditions, and, most importantly, personality.

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Top 100 Chinese Female Names

top 100 chinese female names

A baby girl is a blessing for every parent, and so, her name must be exceptional. There is plenty of popular and pretty names in the list below, which belong to inspiring Chinese personalities, celebrities, and other major figures in China.

1. Ai

means “love”. Ai Carina Uemura is a famous singer.

2. An

means “peaceful”. Chinese variant of the American name Ann or Anne.

3. Bao

means “treasure,” is pronounced like bow.

4. Chen

means “morning”. Li Chen is a popular Chinese actor.

5. Chun

means “spring season”. Chun-Chieh Wu is a famous scientist. This is a great baby name for a spring-born girl.

6. Hui

means “intelligence”, “cleverness”, or “wise”. Zhang Huiwen is a popular actress.

7. Jia

means “family” or “kin” in Chinese. It is derived from the Italian name Gia. Hu Jia is a famous activist.

8. Jun

means “truthful” or “obedient”. A good name for babies born in June.

9. Kai/ Kaili (Hawaiian origin)

means “beautiful” or “victorious” in Chinese. It is also the name of a Hawaiian goddess.

10. Li Hua

means “pear blossom” is a name for a baby born in the spring season.

11. Li Mei

means “pretty rose”.

12. Ling

means “delicate”, “dainty”, “soul” or “chime”.

13. Mei

means “beautiful”. Some popular celebrities named Mei are Meiling Jin, Mei Nakabayashi aka May’s, and Mei Yaochen. Hence, it has become the most popular Chinese girl name.

14. Ning

means “peaceful”. One of the good Chinese girl names for a unique baby name.

15. Nuan

means “friendly” and “wholehearted”.

16. Qing

means “blue”, “green” or “young”. Pang Qing is an Olympic skater.

17. Shu

means “warm-hearted” or “the kind one”.

18. Xue

means “snow” or “learning”. Skater Shen Xue has won a gold medal in 2010 in the Olympics.

19. Yan

means “pretty swallow”.

20. Zhen

means “innocent”, “virtuous”, “precious” and many more. Lady Zhen was honored as Empress Whenzhao upon her son, Cao Rui’s ascension to the throne of Wei.

If you are searching for unusual, fabulous baby names for your baby girl, then this list is definitely for you. These imaginative girl names will bless your beautiful baby girl.

21. Chu

means “pearl” a precious jewel. Chu was a Zhou Dynasty state.

22. Cong

means “intelligent”.

23. Genji

means “valuable as gold”. ‘Tale of Genji’ is Japan’s oldest novel, probably the world’s first novel.

24. Hop (Vietnamese origin)

means “agreeable”, is a variant of the English word hope.

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