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Tiago Ishola Biography

Real Name: Tiago

Stage Name: Tiago Ishola

Date Of Birth: 1990s

Age: Under 30 years old

Profession: Comedian

Nationality: Nigerian / Portugal

State Of Origin: Oyo State

Net Worth: $50,000

Who Is Tiago Ishola

Tiago Ishola Biography

Tiago Ishola is a popularly comedian who recently go viral on internet. Honourable Shina Peller shared the moment a White boy, Thiago, was seen speaking Yoruba fluently with some indigenes of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Tiago Ishola also know as oyinbo ibile or white boy.

Tiago Ishola was born in Portugal, but his father is the king of Oyo State, Nigeria. He was learn how to speak Yoruba from his father and other people in Oyo State, Ibadan.

Tiago Ishola Father

Tiago Ishola father
According to information, Thiago’s father is a Dr lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi. The king of Oyo State, Nigeria. His father advise him to learn Yoruba language when he came back from Portugal. He Ian happy when I meet his father and he snap a picture with his dad known as “Dr Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi” Tiago Ishola posted the picture he snap with his dad on his Instagram. He said;

I want to thank my father Dr Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III for the encourage and advise he gave me to learning Yoruba language from the I meet him. I am who I’m today because of this wonderful, legitimate, resplendent and excellent king.

Olayiwola, omo ibironke, morondiya, omo adediran.

Atanda tan ni o ma sogun ma, to n se odo bi odo, o n se kan rigidi ti n ko lakuko isaju

Atanda taa ri, taa ka po la po, taa kofa lofa, taa ka pata, lori apata, bembe n ro, imule lehin agbara

Pin ni sin l’omo erin ti o n fa la ya’gi, Babatunde

ti won o ba merin, se won o gbohun erin ni, ti won o ba mosa se won o jiyo lobe ni

atinu oyun wa joba.

Akoko to je kakanfo meji

omo ajowu yoko lenu

kade o pe lori, ki baba o pe lese

I love you dad

Tiago Ishola Date Of Birth

Tiago Ishola was born early 1990s in Oyo State, ibadan in Nigeria. He is son of king dr lamidi olayiwola adeyemi. The king of Oyo State.

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Tiago Ishola Age

Tiago Ishola is Under 30 years old at time of writing this article Tiago Ishola biography and net worth.

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Tiago Ishola Net Worth

The eats of Tiago Ishola net worth is $50,000 dollars at time of writing this article about Tiago Ishola biography and net worth.

Tiago Ishola Instagram Handle

You can follow Tiago Ishola or oyinbo ibile on Instagram through his official Instagram account @iamtiagoishola


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