Startapp Reviews; how to make money on startapp

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Startapp Reviews; how to make money on startapp

Startapp is a global mobile advertising, it’s useful for business man/woman to advertise their business on this platform. Startapp offer advertiser a good ad format.

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Benefits of startapp ads


  1. Startapp has 1B monthly active users
  2. They has over 500,000 partners, both small and large
  3. A global presence with 6 offices
  4. 9 years experience in industry


Startapp office


Russia, Moscow

41 kashyrskoe shosse



Sderot giborei Israel 5, netanya



The startapp HQ-NYC, 584 Broadway, NY 10012


Who is the owner of startapp


Gil Dudkiewicz – co founder and CEO

Who is the owner of startapp

Gil is a CEO of startapp, he was the entrepreneur in residence at the cedar found.

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Startapp for publisher

 Startapp allow publisher to earn money for placing ads on their site app. If you have a good monthly user per month. Startapp is for you.

You can start to monitized your site app with startapp and starting making money.


Startapp for advertiser


As I said earlier, startapp is a mobile advertising platform that allow advertiser to promote their products on their website. Startapp will place your ads on their publisher site app. That’s the way you will make a sell with your product through startapp.


Startapp ad formats


Startapp offer advertiser and publisher a good ad formats.

  1. in app ads
  2. interstitial ads
  3. video ads






Startapp referral


Startapp also allow allow publisher to invite both publisher and advertiser to create an account with startapp and start promoting the ads on your site app or start to advertise on startapp platform.


You will earn money when the advertiser you invite was starting to advertise. And also ! You can earn money while the publisher you’re invited was starting making money through startapp.



If you want to advertise with startapp it’s a good idea for you. Because startapp is a good global mobile advertising.


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