Sometimes online making money platform can suddenly change to scam, even if it is a legit platform. That doesn’t mean they can’t change to scam.

That is why we are to discuss about Star clicks review to help our users safe from scam.

inboxdollars review team hate scam, that’s why we are always fighting against scam platform.

If the platform is legit we’ll tell you and if the platform is a scam we’ll let you know.

Before we can start a review on star clicks let me explain what is star clicks.

What is star clicks

Star clicks is an advertising platform that allow publisher to earn on their platform when they click on the ads.

Star clicks pay $0.01 per click which means you will get $0.01 when you click on the ads.

That’s very low, before you can make $1 on star clicks you will clicks more than thausands ads before you can earn a single dollar.

How to earn on star clicks

To earn on star clicks, what you need is to sign up and create your account.

There are many members plans subscription.

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

If you sign up now, you will register as a silver member and you will earn $0.01 per click 

But you can upgrade your account to gold or platinum plans if you want to increase your earnings and cash out fast.

Is star clicks legit or scam

In our review, found out more about star clicks review. So, I will show you some screenshots we shot on scamadviser website and trustpilot website, where are the star clicks members leaves their reviews on how they are cash out and we also founded those who got scam by star clicks.


Star clicks review


Star clicks review


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In my reviews on this star clicks platform. I noticed that if you upgrade your account, you will have issue with your payment. 

If you take a look at those screenshot well. You will see that those who complained about payment. Their issue is came from an account upgrade.


So, if you are the new member to this star clicks platform, I will suggest you to stay on your silver plan because it’s free. What you need to do is to wait for your payment.


And i believe that you will get paid.

Because those who leaves a good reviews are silver members.



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