How to use alligator pepper for weight loss

Alligator pepper is a seed for a specific variety of grass; it is not a tree, but it is a grass that is wet when it is first plucked from the ground.

Alligator pepper comes from herbaceous perennial blooming ginger plants (Zingiberaceae), which are native to wetter areas along the West African coast.


spiritual use of alligator pepper and sand prayers

Alligator pepper is a West African spice derived from Aframomum daniellii, Aframomum citratum, or Aframomum exscapum seeds and seed pods.

Spiritual Benefits Of Alligator Pepper

It is said to be a direct relative of grains of paradise, which are derived from the closely related species Aframomum melegueta, or “grains of paradise.”

Spiritual Use of Alligator Pepper And Sand Prayers

  • 1. Allegator pepper can protect you against negative energy and vibrations. It has the ability to both prevent and redirect evil.
  • 2. Without combining it with any other ritual objects, allegator pepper has the potential to destroy and diseffect charms. Its presence is the only thing that can make the miracle happen.
  • 3. Allegator pepper has the power to destroy as much as it can save. It has the potential to take someone’s life.
  • 4. Allegator pepper, in reality, holds a prominent role in spiritual assignment. It is the only seed in spiritualism that has the potential to purify humans just by being introduced into the body.
  • 5. Most of the time, we eat and drink in our dreams only to wake up with a miserable day and disappointment. Applying Allegator pepper as soon as you wake up will stop the destruction.
  • 6. Most of us encounter unwanted particles on our journeys, and even on Broadway, cobwebs will travel across your face, causing disappointment. Allegator pepper will aid in your recovery.

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