skomota biography

Skomota Biography

skomota biography

Skomota (Ngwana Sesi), who was born in October 1995, has amused everyone with his sense of humor and antics. Skomota, often referred to as Mr. All Over, is a creative person who makes people want to be near him.

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His buddies usually supply the attractive woman he needs to accompany him on his outings because he has a strong affinity for people of the other gender. In addition to his comic ways, Skomota loves to deejay and has been seen spinning records to keep partygoers entertained. He wants to get into the music industry and is a huge admirer of Shebeshxt, Moruti wa Dikota, and Vusi Ma R5.

But today, Skomata has become a millionaire from the Betway jackpot from being an ordinary man and a laughing stock in the area now an overnight millionaire. Skomota never gave up; he kept placing bets until his ancestors showed him the love of being a millionaire.

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