“Shock as man sees his dēad wife with another man in Benin City”

One Mr Tunde Daramola from Osun state caused a lot of traffic yesterday around Ekenwan road in Benin City.

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Mr Tunde said he came into Benin on Friday for an Interview and after it ended, he decided to move around to see how Benin looks like. He said he’s been hearing of Gov Godwin Obaseki’s achievements and wanted to see for himself.

He was walking around Zabayor street and was about entering a taxi when he sighted his wife at the back of the bus who had died 3yrs ago in their hometown near Osogbo.

According to him, “My wife died of asthma 3yrs ago and had since been buried but i was very surprised to see her sitting in this taxi beside another man.

When I got into the taxi, I was so shocked to see someone that looked exactly like my wife but she wasn’t looking in my direction. As i heard her speak behind me, i was so surprised and i decided to call her name. When I did, she looked at me with her eyes bulging and immediately disappeared.

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On seeing this, the man who she was with collapsed . After he was resuscitated a few minutes later, he narrated his story~ saying he had lived with her as his wife for more than a year. He also said they met in church and he proposed to her and she accepted to marry him. He said she was even pregnant and they were headed to the hospital when this happened.

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