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Sheik Buhari Omo Musa Biography, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Age, Career, Wives

Sheik Buhari Omo Musa Biography

Popular Nigerian Islamic preacher Sheik Buhari Omo Musa is also known as (Alfa) just like Sheikh Jamiu Ami Olohun. Stand-up preacher Buhari Omo Musa is well-known for his humorous and uenlightening sermons on social media.

Sheikh Buhari Omo Musa, commonly known as Ajikobi 1, is one of Nigeria’s well-known Islamic lecturers. He is well known in Nigeria, particularly in the Yoruba-speaking states (South-West of Nigeria) which includes Kwara and some others.

Sheikh Buhari Omo Musa Education Background

He completed both his primary and secondary education in Ilorin, Kwara State. After which Sheikh Buhari omo Musa attended Ahmadu Bello University where he studied Islamic law and got his bachelor’s degree in 1972.

He then went to Saudi Arabia where he studied Islamic theology at the University of Medina for two (2) years before returning to Nigeria where he became a lecturer at Ahmadu Bello University.

Sheikh Buhari omo Musa left his post as lecturer to establish the Al-Ameen Foundation which is a non-profit organization that builds mosques and provides scholarships for Muslim women in Africa.

Career And Life Style

During the time of formal schooling, he managed to attend arabic school as well (Al-Adabiyah) an Islamic school owned and controlled by Imam Oni Wasi Agbaye.

His Arabic instructor was “Oni wasi Agbaye” one of Nigeria’s most esteemed scholars who passed away a number of years ago.
After graduating from the Al-Adabiyah Arabic School, Sheikh Buhari Omo Musa began his profession as an Islamic preacher at an early age.

Sheikh Buhari omo Musa has written many books on Islam and has spoken at conferences around the world on topics such as Islamophobia, human rights, religious tolerance, and interfaith dialogue.

He has consistently provided the best educational preaching to his steadily growing fan base.

Sheikh Buhari Omo Musa Age

Sheikh buhari omo musa was born on July 5, 1948 in Nigeria. Making him younger than 80 as at the time this article about Sheikh Buhari Omo Musa biography and net worth was written.


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