Shattan bandle biography

in this article we going to tell you more about shatta bandle biography, net worth, age, cars, and so more.

shattan bandle biography

full name: firdaus iddrisu

social name: shattan bandle

date of birth: early 20’s

wife: not known

profession: socialite, media personality

nationality: ghanian

who is shatta bandle

Shattan bandle biography

fridaus iddrisu known as shatta bandle is the richest and most influential social media celebrity in ghana. he is well known for his funny skit and lavish display of luxury on his timeline.

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shatta bandle age

shatta bandle was born in september 3( his age is 20s )

shattan bandle net worth

shattan currently net worth is $400,000 d0llars in terms of wrote this article about shattan bandle biography.

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