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Sibi Biography

Sibi Selina tested biography

Real Name: Sibi Steve

Stage Name: Sibi

Date Of Birth: 1990`s

Age: Under 30 years old

Profession: Nollywood Actor

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $100K – $200K dollars

Who Is Sibi Selina Tested

Sibi biography

Sibi Steve aka Tempe Tempe is an actor, a vocal artist and a member of Lightweight Entertainment. Sibi grew up in Port Harcourt and is currently staying in Port Harcourt. He hails from Creek town, Cross River State, Nigeria. He represents simplicity. Sibi is a lover of photography, singing, acting and good music.

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Sibi Selina Tested Career

Sibi steve played the role of Sibi aka “Tempe Tempe” in selina tested movie. He grew up in Holy Ground and later on had a serious issues with Chiboy in the movie. This same issues led to him having several encounters with Chiboy and his childhood friend, Aboy.

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Sibi hated Chiboy due to his authoritative and dominating spirit to the extent that he killed his mother, rendering Chiboy completely an orphan. He (Sibi) also has some little boys under him who serves as his suicide. After killing Chiboy’s mum, he ran away and he went to become “Selina Tested” to face the big battle with Chiboy that awaits him.

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Sibi Selina Tested Date Of Birth

Sibi selina tested was born on 1990`s he is under 30 years old at the time of writing this article on Sibi selina tested biography and net worth.

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Sibi Selina Tested Net Worth

The estimated sibi net worth is $100K – $200K dollars at the time of writing this article on Sibi selina tested biography and net worth.

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Sibi Selina Tested Instagram Handle

You can follow Sibi selina tested on Instagram via his official Instagram account @Sibi_steve


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