Richest family in the world $500 trillion

Then, there are people who believe that there is a certain European family, that is actually the richest family of all time. They of course are referring to the Rothschilds, a Jewish banking family from the 1700s who, at one point in history, owned about 50 per cent of all the wealth in the world. Think of them as the Jagat Seth family, but operating on an international level.

Here are some of the incredible stories about this family that has made rounds for decades and centuries now, which sound very fascinating when we delve deeper into them.

1. The Inventors Of Economy & Capitalism

People who have studied economics will know about the basic concepts of money creation and the roles of banks in the process. Well, it is believed that the Rothschild Family started that. They were the first people to invest certain portions of the deposits from their banks into international government projects in the colonies. This allowed them to get heavy and substantial returns. This is the model that banks all over the world use today. This is basically how the banking system, and therefore, the economy works, in its most fundamental form.

2. Invented The Concept Of International Banking

The Rothschilds were the first bankers to establish their banks in the European colonies, with most of their banks being established in Africa & East Asia. They had a very robust and sophisticated intra-bank communication system. This allowed them to form the first truly international bank. They basically funded the colonisation of Africa in the 1800s. At one point in time, they controlled the largest bank in the United States Of America, while sitting in Europe.

3. They Started The First World War To Make Money

Richest family in the world $500 trillion

There is a theory that they created situations that led to the first World War. Remember. They made a massive fortune by supplying ammunition, weapons and medical supplies to both the Allies & the Axis powers. Remember Professor Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows? It is said that his character was based on the Rothschild Family.

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4. They Funded Both The Allies & The Axis Powers In World War II

Richest family in the world $500 trillion

Although they did not start World War II, it can be argued that it was their actions before World War I that led to the fall of Germany’s economy, and subsequently, the starting of World War II. As far fetched as it may be, one thing that is clear is they made an even bigger fortune in World War II by funding both the Allied & the Axis powers. Some even say that they actually funded and helped Japan in attacking the United States of America at Pearl Harbour, forcing the US to join the War.

5. They Own About 30 Per Cent Stake In All Major Banks Today

The Rothschild family today is pretty much underground. Only a handful of the descendants are out in the public eye, but again, in a very reversed capacity. These descendants are mainly known to be some of the richest people in Europe and the owners of some of the biggest investment brokerage firms in Europe.

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However, several reputed financial journalists have claimed that the entire family functions as a shadow organisation today, and has a major stake in almost every international bank. They believe that they own about a 30 per cent stake in all major banks combined.

Richest family in the world $500 trillion

Richest family in the world $500 trillion

For conspiracy theorists, the Rothschild Family is a gold mine of stories. But even if one ignores those theories, some of the existing descendants of the Rothschild Family are the richest people in Europe. And yet, very little is known about these people. Apparently, the family is worth $500 Trillion dollars today.


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