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Rakiya Musa Biography

Rakiya musa biography

Stage Name: Rakiya Musa

Date Of Birth: 1990`s

Age: Under 35 years old

Profession: Kannywood Actress

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $150K dollars

Who Is Rakiya Musa

Who is rakiya musa

Rakiya Musa is a Nigerian actress known for role in Hausa film industry (Kannywood).

Rakiya Musa is beautiful actress from Kannywood industry. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the Kannywood screen. She appeared in several MoviesRakiya was born in Lagos State, Nigeria. But her parents is from Niger. She did her primary and secomdary school as well as higher education all in Lagos State, Nigeria.

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Rakiya Musa Career

Rakiya Musa is popular known by her name Rakiya Musa, but some others called her by name “Aisha Humaira”, Aisha Humaira it’s the name of first film that she appeared alongside with famous Kannywood actor Adam A Zango, she is beautiful actress, she is well-known as Kannywood actress.

Her stage name is Rakiya Musa.Rakiya Musa has debut in her first film title “Aisha Humaira” And she played a major role, Rakiya she is one of the beautiful actress from Kannywood that she play a major role in her first appeared in Hausa film.

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Rakiya Musa joined the Kannywood industry in 2011 with the help of famous Kannywood actor “Adam A Zango”, she acts in Hausa movies and starring in Hausa songs which were sold out of the Hausa film. Presently She is actress in Kannywood Industry.

Now the beautiful actress has already featured in over 50 films in her career.Rakiya Musa has appeared in many Hausa movies such as Aisha Humaira, Yar’Agadez, Basaja, Yau Da Gobe, Attajiri, and Others.

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Rakiya Musa is simply attracting, she is very cute with sexy eyes, Having a beautiful and light-complexioned skin, She is single. However, like many other actresses, Rakiya Musa is an active on social networks and gaining a lot of followers.

Rakiya Musa Date Of Birth

Rakiya musa was born on 1990`s, she is under 35 years old at the time of writing this article on rakiya musa biography and net worth.

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Rakiya Musa Net Worth

The estimated rakiya musa net worth is $150K dollars at the time of writing this article on rakiya musa biography and net worth.

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Rakiya Musa Instagram Handle

You can follow rakiya musa on Instagram via his official Instagram account @rakiyamusa


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