Prophet Bushiri Leaked Conversation With His Side Chick

News reach harblextips as we heard about the prophet bushiri leaked chat between his side chick. Taking to social media, Kesego Mabote, shared how she began the conversation with Prophet Bushiri.
According to screenshots on social media, Prophet Bushiri, was the first person who slided into her Facebook messenger, to chat well with her. 

From there, he dropped his WhatsApp phone number for Kesego Mabote, who added him; ONLY for Bushiri to start asking when she would visit him in Malawi.
Prophet Bushiri actually spent 615USD on Kesego Mabote’s flight ticket. From the chats, Kesego Mabote, also sent her nudes to prophet Bushiri after he had requested for it.
According to Kesego Mabote, she said Bushiri blocked her because she refused to visit him in Malawi at first. 
According to information, it was reported that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Kesego Mabote had sex at a hotel in Malawi. 
She wrote: “To those saying I’m lying, isn’t this him?? My relationship was so down, I was so surprised to see a dzazzy on my dm👀 at that point I was like, oh this is a chance to ask for prayers, ha re tsena ko app kgang ke ha e changer on calls ke batliwa marato and promised money… we were on calls discussing everything… o ka gana madi wena: thousands??!🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ I was tempted, a flight ticket boom, everything paid for… today hela ka ke mo postile just like everyone dia mo chesa dibe and I’m being threatened 💔💔 I wasn’t gonna do this but him putting it the other way round, is the problem.
“NB: recordings were made on the days of conversations hence why dates e le bo “today and stuff” 

Tsa gore ke rekile voice I don’t know them even the number they used lol.
“Not his children coming like, “I’m not a fan of Bushiri but this is not true”🙆🏻‍♀️🚮mxm. Bathong!🙆🏻‍♀️ Wena Joel Rebaone! Stop calling people about me. I’ll speak out the things you think aren’t known, with concrete evidence of course.”

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