Propellerads review

Mar 20, 2021 Review

Propellerads Review


Propellerads is a global advertising network, they had more than 1+ billion users per month.


The company was found in 2011. Propellerads company is become one of the largest advertising company since 2011. It reach over 100 million and 200k mobile users per day.


Their global mobile and channel allow advertiser to achieve their goals, and allow publisher to monitized their traffic. And earn money with high ECPM rates.


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Key futures


  • Over 750 million ad impression globally


  • Self-service platform


  • Working with verticals such as; mobile app install, gaming, technology, entertainment, e-commerce, dating, finances service.


  • Wide range of cross platform ad format.


  • Real time statistics


  • 24/7 support team and live chat 


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Propellerads office



1st floor, jubilee building, Victoria street.

Douglas, Douglas IM1 2SH isle of man.

Propellerads for publisher.

Propellerads review

Propellerads network cross platform ad formats include the following;


  • Push notifications


  • Onclick ads


  • In page push


  • Native interstitial


Propellerads release the new version of publisher platform which has fully responsible design.

Upgrade statistics and live chat plus supper team support. 


Propellerads also has anti- adblock solutions that guarantee 99.9% by passing of all unknown plugins, support all browser and increase publisher earning upto 50% 


Propellerads minimum payout for publisher


Minimum payout for publisher is $25 only on PayPal, wire transfer, webmoney, payoneer and epayment.


Propellerads traffic requirements for publisher


  • Propellerads don’t have minimum traffic requirements


  • They approved publisher instantly you sign up


  • Easy set up


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Propellerads review for advertiser


Propellerads offer manage service and self service platform where advertiser can control and optimize their ad campaign set up.

Targeting available include;


  • Device


  • OS


  • 3G/ Wi-Fi


  • Mobile career 


  • GEO


  • Browser


  • Language


  • City


You can use these following ad formats to start your campaigns in self-service platform in a minute;


Propellerads review


  • Push notifications


  • Onclick ads


  • Native interstitial


  • In page push

Propellerads also offer smart CPA (cost per action) and smart CPM (cost per impression) model and targeting.


Propellerads minimum deposit for advertiser


Minimum deposit for advertiser is $100

You can deposit via, PayPal, unionpay, payoneer, bank cards, wire transfer, Skrill.


Propellerads ads info.


Types; ad sever, mobile ad network.


Ad formats; banner, interstitial, popunder, video.


Model; CPA, CPI, CPM, CPL, CYV, 





Propellerads is a good ad network. And I recommend you to sign up for propellerads network.

They are paying for publisher all the time.


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