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Home » PHOTO: Mexican president son, José Ramón Copilking, phone number for WhatsApp got leaked on social media

PHOTO: Mexican president son, José Ramón Copilking, phone number for WhatsApp got leaked on social media

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Mexican president son, José Ramón Copilking, phone number for WhatsApp got leaked on social media (+52 55 4566 4375). 

José Ramón López Beltrán denounced this Saturday on his from The New York Times . The president’s eldest son has written: “This act, which I understand as a form of revenge and an attempt to harm, not only affects me, but also endangers my family and the security they deserve.” On his tour this Saturday through Mazatlán, Sinaloa, the Mexican president has described the revelation of the details of his progeny as “shameful.” “We are not going to take even a step back in the defense of freedom and justice,” says the man from Tabasco.
In his presentation in La Mañanera, López Obrador disclosed the personal data of the newspaper reporter in charge of the work, Natalie Kitroeff, including her telephone number. The president was very critical of the Times, which he described as a “filthy pamphlet.” The newspaper’s investigation was the second in a few weeks that points out the possible links of organizations dedicated to drug trafficking with their political activity. Previously, the online Propublica had reported possible drug traffickers’ links to his presidential campaign in 2006. In both cases, the reports were partially based on information from the DEA, the US anti-drug agency.

First with Propublica and now with the Times , López Obrador has denied the allegations. On Thursday, the president demanded that Joe Biden’s Administration clarify the matter. “With what right do they investigate a legitimately constituted Government?” the president questioned, “Are they the Government of the world?” Hours later, the White House addressed the controversy and confirmed that it had no open investigation against López Obrador.
With so much chaos in so few hours, it took a while for the information to settle. In the afternoon, criticism against López Obrador for disclosing Kitroeff’s data began to intensify on social networks, competing in space and acrimony with the accusations against the Times for the content of the note. The next day, a Univision reporter confronted the president, asking him if it had been a mistake to publish the reporter’s phone number. López Obrador said it was not a mistake and that he “would do it again.” And he added: ”Above the law is the moral authority, the political authority [of the president].”
Thus the controversy of the week grows green. On Thursday, López Obrador surprised half of Mexico when, in his morning press conference, he presented a letter from the American newspaper, asking him about the possible closeness of his collaborators with the Sinaloa cartel and the alleged delivery of money for his campaign, in the context of the 2018 presidential elections. Annoyed, the president criticized the letter, a preamble to a report that would appear on the newspaper’s website hours later.

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