Who is Paramount komedy

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Paramount Komedy Biography

Paramount komedy biography

Real Name: Sanni Iyabo

Stage Name: Paramount komedy

Date Of Birth: March 10th, 1990`s

Age: Under 30 years old

Profession: Comedian, Content Creator

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $50K dollars

Who Is Paramount Komedy

Who is Paramount komedy

Paramount komedy is a fast-rising Nigerian comedian. Paramount komedy is an online comedian and content creator who is popular for her hilarious and creative comedy skits on social media platforms.

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Paramount Komedy Career

Paramount komedy started her comedy career as an online entertainer some years back. She has been consistent with giving her ever increasing fans the best laughs.

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Paramount Komedy Date Of Birth

Paramount komedy was born on March 10th, 1990`s. She is under 30 years old at the time of writing this article on paramount komedy biography and net worth.

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Paramount Komedy Boyfriend

In our review about paramount komedy biography and net worth. We found out that, paramount is currently don’t expose his boyfriend online. She lives a modest life. She is not married and has no boyfriend nor husband to be for now.

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Paramount Komedy Real Name

Popular nigerian comedian known as Paramount komedy real name is “sanni iyabo”

Paramount Komedy Poisoned

A student of Tai Solarin University of Education has been arrested after he allegedly stole and poisoned his friends with sniper.

According to the victim, Sani Iyabo, popularly known as Paramount Komedy who shared the shocking story on her instagram page, the suspect poured sniper in her drink and food in a bid to kill her after stealing N57,000.

She wrote:

After stealing my money, he went ahead and poured sniper in my drink and food, the little I ate out of the food caused me a lot of harm last week. But I thank God for life…we have been so cool to u @efynwamama,

I even suspected someone else…. this guy no want make I blow…I had to deceive him here….but what if I let him go and he hurt me in future? am so sad he wanted to kill I and @mariotalker.

It was not easy taking the guy to the school authorities kus everyone is just angry, it’s so sad kus this guy has been working with us for a while and I liked him so much, he is with d school authorities,

I feel pity for him still but @efynwamama ,u really bleeped up…now I don’t know who to trust or not to thanks to everyone that called and texted, this won’t stop me from shooting more skits…thank u God,

Paramount Komedy Net Worth

The estimated paramount komedy net worth is $50k dollars at the time of writing this article on paramount komedy biography and net worth.

Paramount komedy Instagram Handle

You can follow paramount komedy on Instagram via her official Instagram account @paramountkomedy


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