Ovy Godwin biography

Do you want to know more about ovy godwin biography, ovy godwin net worth, ovy godwin date of birth, ovy gidwin age, ovy godwin girlfriend, ovy godwin comedy and so on?

Ovy Godwin Biography

Ovy Godwin biography

Stage Name: Ovy Godwin

Date Of Birth: 1990`s

Age: Under 30 years old

Profession: Comedian, MC, Actor

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $30,000

Who Is Ovy Godwin

Ovy Godwin is a fast-rising Nigerian comedian. He had a lot of followers on Instagram and Facebook, ovy godwin is a talented comedian in Nigerian.

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Ovy Godwin Career

Ovy Godwin started his comedy career some years ago, he became a popular Nigerian comedian last year. He was followed by popular Nigerian comedian`s such as; basket mouth, mr funny sabinus, minnishaggi, twin obo and so on.

Ovy Godwin Date Of Birth

Ovy Godwin was born on 1990`s he is under 30 years old at the time of writing this article on ovy godwin biography and net worth.

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Ovy Godwin Net Worth

The estimated ovy godwin net worth is $30,000 dollars at the time of writing this article.

Ovy Godwin Instagram Handle

You can follow ovy Godwin on Instagram via his official Instagram account @ovygodwin


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