Organ Transplant Ted Williams Tunnel Leaked

It’s the kind of medical emergency that had officials concerned when they planned the eight-week-long closure of the Sumner Tunnel leading out of East Boston into the city. Twice on Thursday, human organs had to be rushed from Logan Airport to a major hospital downtown.

State Transportation officials and Massachusetts State Police shut down westbound traffic in the only alternate route available, the Ted Williams Tunnel, so emergency crews could get through. The closures were brief, but one of them was during the height of the morning rush hour commute at about 8:15 a.m.

At 11 a.m., the tunnel was closed again for a second organ transport.

“When the doctors need to do the surgery, they need to do the surgery. You know it’s not like something we can wait until later on in the afternoon,” said Massachusetts Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver. He said it will be the standard procedure when ambulances have to move through too.

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