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Who Is Ogb Recent

Ogb recent net worth 2022

OGB Recent real name Micheal Charles is from Ijaw in Warri Town, Delta State, is a young competent actor and comedian that specializes in generating amusing jokes and comedy videos that make people laugh and forget their troubles. Ogb Recent, popularly known as Cult Boy, is a stand-up comedian.

Ogb Recent Biography, Net Worth, Date Of Birth, Real Name, Girlfriend, Comedy

In the year 2021, Ogb rose to prominence as a celebrity. In practically all of his comic skits, he sounds and acts like the legendary brain Jotter, yet his approach is distinct. OGB recently gained popularity for employing cultist slangs and the question (U wan Collect)?

brain jotter net worth 2022

When hoodlums or cult organizations are going to pillage or forcefully steal something from someone, they commonly say this. The video that catapulted Ogb Recent to stardom is the one in which he entered Okada (bike) and threatened to beat up the cyclist if he dared to ask him for money after he got off the machine.

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Ogb Recent Net Worth 2022

According to google, Ogb net worth is $50,000 dollars which is ( 20 million naira ) Ogb recent make money from youtube and advertising.


This is the real Ogb recent net worth 2022 in naira and dollars. We write this article about Ogb recent net worth in naira 2022 according to forbes.

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