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Odogwu Selina Tested Biography

Odogwu selina tested biography

Real Name: Manuchim Praize

Stage Name: Odogwu

Date Of Birth: 1990`s

Age: Under 30 years old

Profession: Nollywood Actor

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $100K – $200K dollars

Who Is Odogwu Selina Tested

Who is odogwu selina tested

Odogwu selina tested is a very young talented Nigerian who has made impacts in the city of Port Harcourt and beyond. Imagine the whole Nigerians today watching the movie selina tested and infact, millions are waiting for more episodes. Spot him, tallest and the rest team members eating and drinking together.

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Odogwu is also the brain-box behind Lightweight Entertainment. Lightweight Entertainment comprises of so many talents. You can read more about them here. Who Is The Owner Of Lightweight Entertainment

OdogwuOdogwu Selina Tested Career

Odogwu is a very young and talented actor. He’s the owner of Lightweight Entertainment Movie Production. He’s no doubt, a big shot for Nollywood movies. His role in selina tested brought him to fame and is a very key actor in selina tested movie.

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Odogwu Selina Tested Date Of Birth

Odogwu selina tested was born on 1990`s, he is under 30 years old at the time of writing this article on odogwu selina tested biography and net worth.

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Odogwu Selina Tested Net Worth

The estimated odogwu selina tested net worth is $100K – $200K dollars at the time of writing this article on odogwu selina tested biography and net worth.

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Odogwu Selina Tested Instagram Handle

You can follow odogwu on Instagram via his official Instagram account @odogwu_selina

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