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Nike Kolawole Biography

Nike kolawole biography

Real Name: Nike Kolawole

Date Of Birth: 1960`s

Age: Under 60 years old

Profession: Gospel Singer

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $5K – $10K dollars

Who Is Nike Kolawole

Nike kolawole is a popular Nigerian gospel singer with her angelic voice and soulful sound, inspirational singer and songwriter.

Nike kolawole is a multi-layered artist who is ready to bless the world with her authenticity, incredible talent, and an undeniable musical gift will allow her to have lasting impact on all who hear her sound.

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Nike Kolawole Career

An Ondo based gospel artiste, Evangelist Nike Kolawole, has revealed that she started music with a poor background, but the love and passion she has for it made her opportunity to stand out among her colleagues.

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The artiste stated this while sharing her experience with Friday Extravaganza.

Kolawole said that her aim is to sanitise the country through her inspirational songs and to bring back every lost soul to God. She noted that she want to rebuild every falling walls through her song and ultimately become a legend in the industry.

Narrating how she started, nike Kolawole said she joined youth choir in her church she was attending within two months, she got the inspiration of composition.

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She said, Holy spirit helped her to stand on her feet and has being her source of inspiration.

The artiste who has been singing since her tender age, said that her music career was a call.

Kolawole who hails from Okuku in Osun State, revealed that she has been able to produce five albums titled ‘MOYIN O LOGO, MORINNA KORE, ANULOSO, AYO WOLEMI and ALAFIA NI FUNMI’ to her credit.

She identified lack of helper, and financial constrait as major challenges, noting without money nothing could be done.

She noted that apart from the issue, of finance, producers are not willing to help young artistes, especially gospel singers, they belief that nobody is listening to their music.

“Each time I am singing in the church, people will be asking me that when am I going to release album, because they could feel that all the songs I am singing are inspirational.”


She urged gospel singers to wait upon the Lord without going back, If truly they are singing gospel.

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Nike Kolawole Date Of Birth

Nike kolawole was born on 1960`s. She is under 60 years old at the time of writing this article on nike kolawole biography and net worth.

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Nike Kolawole Husband

Nike kolawole is a married mother of 2, she live in Africa. Nike kolawole is a church worker in Redeemed Christian Church of God. She came to The Lord in the eighties (1988) She came from a Christian background, all her siblings are Christians. It is a great privilege to know The Lord.

Nike Kolawole Net Worth

The estimated nike kolawole net worth is $5K – $10K dollars at the time of writing this article on nike kolawole biography and net worth.

Nike Kolawole Instagram Handle

You can follow nike kolawole on Instagram via her official Instagram account @nikekolawole


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