Nana Otedola

Nana Otedola is a popular person in Nigerian. So, we are here to show you about Nana Otedola biography, age, cars, houses, net worth, early life, date of birth, childrens, family, husband, education, business and social media handle.

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Nana otedola biography;

Who is Nana Otedola

Nana Otedola Biography

Nana Otedola is the first wife of Nigeria forte oil billionaire, known as femi Otedola. She runs her own dry cleaning enterprise.

Nana Otedola age

Nana Otedola was born in Ghanaian, west Africa. On 2nd of August, 1966. (55 years)

She got married to a Nigeria top entrepreneur.

Nana Otedola occupation

As I said earlier, Nana Otedola is a top Nigeria entrepreneur and she is also running her own dry cleaning enterprise.

Nana Otedola Net worth

Nana Otedola is a top Nigeria entrepreneur, her estimated net worth is over $15 million dollars.

Nana Otedola childrens

Nana Otedola got married to femi Otedola. She bore four (4) childrens for femi Otedola.

All of Her sons are;

Fewa Otedola

Temi Otedola

Olawunmi christy Otedola

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola ( DJ cuppy )

Nana Otedola social media handle

Nana Otedola is not always active on social media such as her husband and her son’s do.

She spends most of her time in the United kingdom, and holds a director position at the fineshade energy limited.

You can message Nana Otedola On

Instagram @nana_otedola

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