MTN Customer care WhatsApp number

Did you have issue on your MTN sim card or something else ? And you want to know what cause the issue or you want the issue to solve instantly ? If yes. You are in the right place, we aren’t the MTN customer care, but we will provide you a real MTN Customer care WhatsApp number now. 


So let me explain what’s MTN for you.


What is MTN

MTN Customer care WhatsApp number


MTN is a South African multinational mobile telecommunication company, operating in Africans and Asian countries.


What is MTN customer care.


MTN customer care is an agent service who are always talking with their users to give them the solutions to their issue.

MTN customer care is a 24/7 support services.

You can call them via phone call or reach them on Whatsapp.

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How to contact MTN customer care.


 MTN customer care number is 180.

If you dial 180 on your phone, it will take you to MTN customer care agent service. So they will have conversations with you and ask for what you need.

What you need to do is to inform them that you have issue on your sim card or something else. reviews

MTN Customer care WhatsApp number


Here is the MTN Customer care WhatsApp number.

This is the real MTN customer care WhatsApp number. 




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