Mr macaroni net worth 2022

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Who Is Mr Macaroni

Mr macaroni net worth 2022

Debo Adebayo popularly known as Mr Macaroni is a Nigerian entertainer, comedian, businessman and online media influencer notable for his expression ‘ooin you’re doing well’. Born to a journalist father and an educationist mother, Mr Macaroni had a simple childhood.

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After finishing his secondary school, he moved around three different universities for reasons varying from non-accreditation of the course he was studying to issues with lecturers. Eventually, he graduated from RUN, not without its share of troubles. However, he began doing comic skits after finding inspiration from the likes of Maraji and Broda Shaggi.

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Mr Macaroni Net Worth 2022

With the help of his company and social engagements, mr macaroni net worth is $160,307 dollars which is about 67 million naira. Though, it should be stated that the values or figures are quite speculative.


This is the real mr macaroni net worth 2022 in naira and dollars. We write this article about mr macaroni net worth in naira 2022 according to forbes.

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