Along with super-fit stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Henry Cavill, and Jason Statham, Mark Wahlberg is right up there as one of the hardest-working guys in the business. The Mile 22 star proved it when he revealed his daily workout routine on Instagram, because it’s about as extreme as it gets. The schedule includes multiple workouts, lots of snacks, and 2:30 a.m. wake up calls.

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Wahlberg was taking questions from fans on Instagram, and he was asked about his daily routine and some of the workouts he does when he trains. Wahlberg revealed what a normal day looks like—which assumes he’s not shooting a movie or doing another type of event—and it’s probably very different from your usual routine.

mark wahlberg workout

Wahlberg’s typical daily schedule:

2:30 a.m. wake up

2:45 a.m. prayer time

3:15 a.m. breakfast

3:40-5:15 a.m. workout

5:30 a.m. post-workout meal

6 a.m. shower

7:30 a.m. golf

8 a.m. snack

9:30 a.m. cryo chamber recovery

10:30 a.m. snack

11 a.m. family time/meetings/work calls

1 p.m. lunch

2 p.m. meetings/work calls

3 p.m. pick up kids from school

3:30 p.m. snack

4 p.m. workout No. 2

5 p.m. shower

5:30 p.m. dinner/family time

7:30 p.m. bedtime



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