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Who Is Jordan Page

Jordan page net worth

You might know Jordan Page as The Fun, Cheap, or Free Queen. Page found success as a blogger.

She started the funcheaporfree.com blog by posting coupons and good deals that she found in local newspapers.

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The blog turned into a ‘New Frugal’ revolution that made Jordan Page an internet millionaire.

Jordan Leigh Francis Page started her entrepreneur journey in 2010 when her family struggled financially.

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She was pregnant with her first child. Her husband, Bubba, had just started a new business that wasn’t bringing in much income.

Jordan Page Net Worth 2022

The estimated jordan page net worth is $8M dollars at the time of writing this article. Through her YouTube career and the blog, the top earning YouTuber Jordan Page has earned the Jordan Page monthly earnings are around $20K.

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That said, the Jordan Page yearly earnings are around $240K. In addition to the earnings from YouTube advertising revenue, she has been earning a good amount from extra channels, including product sales, endorsements, and sponsorships.


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