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Jessiekaey Biography

Jessiekaey biography

Real Name: Jessica Anagor

Stage Name: Jessiekaey

Date Of Birth: 1990’s

Age: Under 30 years old

Profession: Comedian, Actress

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $50k dollars

Who Is Jessiekaey

Jessica Anagor, popularly known as Mama Azuka/Jessiekaey, is an online content creator. She speaks to toluwalope kareem and joy titus about her career as a social media personality.

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Jessiekaey Childhood

Jessiekaey childhood was very nice. She grew up in a quiet environment so it was mostly just she and her family. She didn’t have so much fun because she was usually indoors from morning till evening. Then, she went to a boarding school.

Some people usually say that they played a lot of outdoor games when they were young but Jessiekaey didn’t experience that.

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Jessiekaey Career

Jessiekaey started making skits on February 1, 2019. Because it is her passion to become an actress, her  pastor in school, Pastor Amanoh Chidiebere, advised her that she should be doing skits and that was it.

Secondly, she get her inspiration from things that happen around her– at home, school, market or any other place.

Jessiekaey Date Of Birth

Jessiekaey was born on 1990’s she is under 30 years old at times of writing this article.

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Jessiekaey Net Worth

The estimated Jessiekaey net worth is $50k dollars at time of writing this article about Jessiekaey Biography.

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Jessiekaey Instagram

You can follow Jessiekaey on Instagram via his official Instagram account @jessiekaey


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