Jerry Williams biography

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Jerry Williams biography;

Who is Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams biography

Jerry Williams is a Nollywood superstar born in Anambra state. In the south eastern part of Nigeria.

He’s a Nollywood Superstar. He started acting at a tender age. He joined the Nigeria movie industry while young.

Jerry Williams age

Jerry Williams was born on 24th September 1985, in Anambra state. Jerry Williams was born into a family of 7 (seven). Jerry Williams is a native of Anambra state.


Jerry Williams career

Jerry Williams started acting at a very tender age. He joined the Nigerian movie industry while younger.

After his University education, Jerry Williams came really professionally prepared to bless our screens even with more experience but exposure.

He rose to prominence shortly after the release of “The Chosen King,” a movie he featured in which later became a Nollywood blockbuster movie.

Jerry Williams net worth

Jerry Williams is doing well for himself as a top Nollywood actor with net worth of about $300,000. Salary, Net Worth: Jerry Williams, Nollywood actor’s Net Worth is about $300,000 US Dollars.

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Jerry Williams movies

Since he started his acting career, Jerry Williams has featured in over 100 movies. These are some of his movies among others;

  • The Chosen King

  • Family and throne

  • Wind of Fire

  • Palace of Blood

  • War on Princesses

  • Wisdom of the King

  • Tiger Queen

  • Seven (7) books of mose

  • Crime to blood

Is Jerry Williams married

Is Jerry Williams Married?

No, Jerry Williams is yet to get married although he has had a rumored relationship.

Some time ago, rumor mongers did say he was in a relationship with the Nollywood drama doll Destiny Etiko. When this got to his attention, he denied and debunked the rumor.

jerry Williams social media

you can follow Jerry Williams on Facebook to know more about him.

Jerry Williams


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