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Ichechi Okonkwo Biography

Ichechi okonkwo biography

Real Name: Ichechi Okonkwo

Date Of Birth: 3 February 1985

Age: 37 years old

Profession: Real Estate Developer

Nationality: Nigerian

Husband: Kennedy Okonkwo

Net Worth: $1M – $2M dollars

Who Is Ichechi Okonkwo

Ichechi Okonkwo, is a founder of many successful businesses in upscale Lekki/Chevron in Lagos. The account underscores what being the wife of a successful man and parents means, and the motivating factor it could constitute.

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Mrs. Okonwko, interestingly narrates how she combined both to become the Managing Director/CEO, Laundry King, Sweet Dreams Essentials and Marketing Director of Nedcomoaks Ltd, owners of Victoria Crest Property. Drawing from her experiences, you can’t help but agree that she was taught well and she is leading the way currently.

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Ichechi Okonkwo Career

Ichechi Okonkwo is the first in a family of six. Her dad didn’t have kids on time. When she was born, it was like a rollercoaster for him. She got the best of almost everything he could afford at the time. She attended the best schools he could afford.

Since ichechi okonkwo is the first, there was a lot of pressure from her parents to make sure that she did the right things for her siblings to emulate. Ichechi okonkwo took her education seriously. Most of those things her parent hinged on while they she’s living with them became so real by the time they left their homes.

The rules they gave her shaped her when she found herself in school. She naturally found herself abiding by principles and made sure she lived up to expectation. Her father was a lecturer and entrepreneur.

He is a practicing surveyor. Her mother was also a teacher and a lawyer. It was not that they are overly rich but they are very comfortable. It was a close-knit family with plenty of love. Her upbringing was quite good. While working in the bank, ichechi okonkwo had a couple of companies under her and Laundry King is one of them. Laundry King started operating as a business on April 1, 2011.

Ichechi okonkwo started skeletally initially. She had staff that did the pickup and cleaning. She used to also do the pickup in the morning and did deliveries after work. Ichechi okonkwo also did pick up after work, took the clothes to the factory and did the cleaning.

At the same time, she also did deliveries to clients after work. Ichechi okonkwo did that from April to August and felt that the business needed her time, and concentration to be able to build a proper structure and take the business to the next level. She knew that being in the bank did not give her the opportunity to grow the business, she had to resign.

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Ichechi okonkwo set up Laundry King more than seven years ago. She help busy professionals by making their clothes clean and she return it to them looking newer. The life of professionals in a city like Lagos is busy and coming back home to deal with the home front including laundering is stressful.

It was that feeling that gave birth to Laundry King at the time. Sweet Dreams Essentials is the baby of the house. It is about the room and bathroom essentials. It is about everything that makes the room and bathroom comfortable. The best place to find convenience is the bedroom.

The body works so hard that it gets tired and needs a beautiful place to relax. The idea is to give the room that beautiful look. Everything that makes the rooms comfortable is what Sweet Dreams Essentials is all about. There is an arm of the group that does direct sales and marketing for the Nedcomoaks and Victoria Crest Property.

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The parent group builds while they do direct sales and marketing.

Ichechi Okonkwo Husband

Ichechi okonkwo is a Dr. Kennedy Okonkwo’s wife and and she is a mother of three amazing children.

Ichechi Okonkwo Date Of Birth

Ichechi Okonkwo was born on 3 February 1985. She is 37 years old at the time of writing this article on ichechi okonkwo biography and net worth.

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Ichechi Okonkwo Net Worth

The estimated ichechi okonkwo net worth is $1M – $2M dollars at the time of writing this article on ichechi okonkwo biography and net worth.

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Ichechi Okonkwo Instagram Handle

You can follow ichechi okonkwo on Instagram via her official Instagram account @ichechiokonkwo


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