Iamtrinity Guy Biography

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Iamtrinity Guy Biography

Iamtrinity Guy Biography

Real Name: Abdullahi Maruff Adisa

Stage Name: Iamtrinity Guy

Date Of Birth:  17th November 1990s

Age: Under 30 years old

Profession: Comedian

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Unknown

Net Worth: $50,000 dollars

Who Is Iamtrinity Guy

Who Is Iamtrinity Guy

Abdullahi Maruff Adisa popularly known as iamtrinity guy is a Nigerian popular prank comedian, he is a most prank guy who act his own comedies to provoke people to get angry or make them fear. His comedy acting way is a very risk, he treat people so bad to make his fans laugh. Though his comedies are so funny but very risky for him.


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Iamtrinity Guy Career

Iamtrinity Guy started his comedy career at 2019 and he was popular in 2020 at time of Covid-19 in Nigeria. People know him by his acting way of remove wig from girls head and also treating some guys on the street and also old mans to make them fear, so people will laugh.

Iamtrinity Guy Date Of Birth

Iamtrinity Guy was born on November 17th 1990s, he celebrated his birthday with his triplets  “mz-haminat”  And third guy. they are triplets.

Iamtrinity Guy Age

Iamtrinity Guy is under 30 years old.

Iamtrinity Guy Real Name

The popular Nigeria comedian popularly known as Iamtrinity Guy real name is Abdullahi Maruff Adisa his twins name is Haminat  i don’t know the third one name.

Iamtrinity Guy Net Worth

The estimated Iamtrinity Guy net worth is $50,000 dollars in terms of writing this article about Iamtrinity Guy Biography And Net Worth.

Iamtrinity Guy Instagram

You can follow Iamtrinity Guy on Instagram via his official Instagram account @iamtrinityguy


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