How To Start A WhatsApp TV

This webpage explain more on how to start a WhatsApp TV and make more than ₦50,000 per month from WhatsApp TV.

 Most people find a way to start a WhatsApp TV but end up not get anything from it.

Such as earn money from it… we are here to explain more about how to start a WhatsApp TV for you in this article.

How To Start A WhatsApp TV

And I’m pretty sure. you will get what you want from this article and start making money from it.

What you need is to settle down and read this well..

So let dive into the article!

Before we move to main post let me explain what is WhatsApp TV. 

     What is WhatsApp TV

WhatsApp TV is a social media Status that allows people to post for your followers or fans to catch fun or motivate them.

Whatsapp TV is useful for all people who are interested in fun, motivate, etc. 

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   How To Start A WhatsApp TV

Firstly choose a niche that you know you have more knowledge for.

Niche is a topic that you want to share with your followers or fans through WhatsApp TV.

You can share comedy video, motivation, latest phone, fashion, school story etc. 

  How To Get More Contact

. Share your contact to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, nairaland, telegram, etc to get more contact that you can share more update with.

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. Find some people who is also doing Whatsapp tv, you can tell them that you need some contact. 

Some of them will ask for money and some may not.

  How To Make Money Per Month From WhatsApp TV


1. Sponsored post

2. Affiliate marketing


. Sponsored post is a easy way to make money from WhatsApp tv, through sponsored someone product.


When some one ask you to help him/her to promote his product on your WhatsApp TV. You will charge that person any amount you know it’s worth.


. Affiliate marketing is also doing well for WhatsApp TV to make money. You can promote your own product on your WhatsApp TV or sell other people product and get commission from the sale you make.



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