How to join occult for money ritual

Do you want to know, how to join occult for money ritual ?

Do not die in poverty “, You have a very big opportunity if you are among the lucky people seeing this post. It’s time to change your life.

What Is Money R!tual

How to join occult for money ritual

Money r!tual Is a black magic that bring the money you desire. No demons, no darkness; you get powerful, light magick, using angelic names and sigils. Your wants and needs are converted into reality, through the power of magick.

Ritual One 

Is a rejection of personal poverty. If you’re in the depths of poverty, you begin to move away from those depths. If you’re already doing OK with money, the ritual removes the fear that poverty can ever return.

Ritual Two 

Will remove your financial desperation, to help you allow and attract a new financial future.

Ritual Three

Removes the blockages that prevent wealth from coming to you.

Ritual Four

Is a petition for riches, and this is a master working that helps to attract money into your life over the coming year.

Ritual Five

Is designed to attract a specific sum of money, to solve a problem or fulfil a desire.

Ritual Six

Increases your wages, or income from business or sales.

Ritual Seven

Increases your luck in games of chance, including lotteries, card games and any form of gambling.

How To Join Occult For Money Ritual

Do you really want to join occult for money ritual ? If your answer is yes. That means you are not okay, yes!

Don’t you know ritual money is not a good thing to do. There are many repercussions in it. Either they ask for your moms, son, brother, sister, father, or your manhood part.

If you were me, I would rather find a best thing to do. Rather to join occult, because you can’t live for long. Even if you live for 20 years, you’re lucky. Yes, you’re lucky because it is money that devil gives you.

How will you aim to live long my brother. I know that, in 100% of readers of this article are 90% men the rest %10 are female.


Please if your aim is to joined occult for money ritual please don’t do that. There are many things available to do in Nigeria.

We all know that, the fault is from our government in Nigeria that cause things to hard for youth to get money.

Most of youth are graduated from university, poly, college but end up finding work. But fail to get job. I know the situation is worse than expected in Nigeria.

Please, change your mind today. Money ritual is not good my brother/sister. You too know what am saying, yes ! You know it. It is because of our country situation make you aim to join occult for money ritual.

Please don’t do that! Thank you for your understanding.


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