How to Increase Your Blogspot Audience

Your Blogspot blog is one of thousands and it may initially be difficult to gain an audience. Create a focused blog about a topic that inspires you and make yourself an active part of the community by seeking out other blogs to follow and comment on. As your reader base grows, encourage your followers to share your content and bring new people to the blog.

Find your niche. Focus your blog on a topic that you are passionate about to attract a loyal group of readers interested in the same topic. If your writing shows your passion for the topic — or if you have knowledge or experience that people can’t find elsewhere — readers will find you. Although a blog that covers a variety of different topics can be successful, it may be more difficult because readers who are interested in one post may not be interested enough in the others to begin following your blog.

Post high-quality content on a regular basis. Posting frequently has two major advantages: it gives your regular readers a reason to check your blog every day, and over time it generates a significant volume of content. As your blog grows in content, the potential for new readers to find it through search engines also grows.

Add the “Followers” gadget to your blog using the “Design” menu on the Dashboard after your blog begins to attract followers. When people see that many people are already following your blog, their natural instinct will be to consider following it as well because others believe it has value.

Cross-promote your blog on other social media services such as Facebook and Twitter by adding buttons for people to share your posts. Every time one of your posts gets shared on a social media service it is sent to the followers of the person who shared it, potentially sending more people to your blog.

Become an active Blogspot user. Follow the blogs you enjoy and comment on the posts you find most interesting. In return, blog owners may follow you and write posts that comment or build on the ideas that you present in your posts. In addition, participate in the community that builds up around your blog; when people comment on your posts, write replies and let them know that you appreciate your readers.

Make your blog visible to search engines. Click the “Settings” link on the Blogspot Dashboard and then click the “Basic” tab at the top of the screen. Select “Yes” on the drop-down menus for “Add your blog to our listings” and “Let search engines find your blog” and then click “Save Settings.”

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