If you’ve set up a Blogspot — more commonly referred to as a Blogger — blog for your business, you need to create good content and promote that content to see more traffic come to your blog. One of the ways to get more traffic is through “backlinks,” which are links from someone else’s blog back to yours. Change your Blogger settings to make those backlinks visible under your blog’s posts, then encourage people to link back to your blog.

Log in to Blogger with your username and password, then click on the title of your blog from the blog list.

Click “Settings,” then “Posts and comments.” Scroll down to “Show Backlinks” and select “Show.”

Click “Save Settings” near the top of the page. Your blog is now enabled to show backlinks, when you get them.

Comment on other people’s sites and include the URL for your blog. You likely read blogs that have a focus similar to your own which you use for reference or to browse for fun. When you show these blog owners that you are an active member of their sites, they’re more likely to visit yours — which in turn can lead them to mention you in one of their future posts.

Link back to others’ sites. If you want linkbacks, start out by giving some. Visit those sites with similar missions or interests, locate some good content, then refer to that content when you’re blogging about a particular topic. If those bloggers have backlink notifications enabled, they’ll get an alert when you backlink to them — which may encourage them to do the same for you.

Create valuable content. Your blog — and your business — is likely focused on a niche market or a particular subject matter, which attracts a certain type of person. Try to think of ways to appeal to those people and make your content something they’d want to share with others. Create timely posts about holidays, write top-10 lists, or start a weekly feature such as the “recipe of the week” to give readers something authoritative and valuable to share with their own readers.

Ask directly. If you have colleagues or associates in your field, ask them up front to put a link to your site on theirs, and offer a link to their site in return. It may seem strange to go begging for a linkback, but it’s not uncommon — in fact, some people pay a lot of money to do it in another way — it’s called advertising.

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