The iPhone’s native Web browser, Safari, enables you to access the Internet and your favorite websites, such as Tumblr, when away from your office computer. However, the Tumblr mobile website on Safari does not give you the ability to search for tags, making it difficult to follow people. You can download the Tumblr application from the App Store, which gives you the ability to search for tags and follow users. As of June 2013, the Tumblr app is a free download.

Download the Tumblr app from the App Store. After the app finishes installing, tap the “Tumblr” icon on iPhone’s home screen to open it.

Tap “Login,” enter your Tumblr name and password and tap the “Login” button to access your Tumblr account.

Tap the icon of a tag at the bottom of the screen and use the “Search Tags” field to locate a Tumblr user to follow.

Tap the user you want to follow and tap the blue “Follow” icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

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