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Here you will find all the information about highest paid tiktoker in Nigeria 2022. Keep reading this article to know who is the highest paid tiktoker in Nigeria 2022.

Tiktok is a social media platform such as viskit and likee. Tiktok has been popular since 2020 but people are not taking it serious. Likee is the best back then, before people know about tiktok in lockdown period.

Tiktok is the best short video platform, especially nigerian youth are talking it seriously in 2022. And there are people that are making money from it especially Nigerian celebrities. Tiktok also pay for their user if you meet tiktok monetize requirements. You can start making money on tiktok with 10k followers and there are also some requirements you need to start making money on Tiktok.

We have most highest paid Tiktoker in Nigeria 2022. Especially our celebrities, though there are some Nigerian youth with high followers and likes. But we can’t mention them, because we’re unable to find their Tiktok earning.

Highest Paid Tiktoker In Nigeria 2022

Highest paid Tiktoker in Nigeria 2022

Name               Followers            Likes

  • Broda Shaggi      2.4M            8.1M
  • Brain jotter           2.4M          14.7M
  • Mr Macaroni          1.1M            4.0M
  • Simi                            1.1M           3.5M
  • Yemi Alade              1.4M          4.6M
  • Officer Woos           1.5M          5.9M  Davido                   887.4k            2.1M
  • Burna Boy             985.1K         3.2M
  • Naira Marley       827.0K         2.5M
  • DJ Cuppy              356.2K     778.7K
  • Kemzmama          802.7K       10.2M
  • Mr Mazi                 286.9K           1.1M


Here are the highest paid Tiktoker in Nigeria 2022. Please if you have someone else in mind. Please don’t hesitate to tell us at the comment below. I will add it to the highest paid tiktoker in Nigeria 2022.

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