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Keep reading this article about harteez official biography and net worth to know more about harteez official.

Harteez Official Biography

Harteez Official Biography

Stage Name: Harteez Official

Date Of Birth: 1996s

Age: 25 years old

Profession: Rapper, Song Writer

Nationality: Nigerian

State Of Origin: Lagos State

Net Worth: $10,000

Who Is Harteez Official

Who is Harteez Official

Harteez Official is a Nigeria rapper and song writer, he is talented guy in rapper and also good in song writer. Harteez Official is a friend of Bhadboi Oml, both of them sang the song together. Which make Harteez Official song go viral on internet.


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Harteez Official Date Of Birth

Harteez Official is a new artist who popular recently, we are still finding out about his details online. We will update this article when we see his details online. But in my review, harteez official suppose to be at age of 1996 which is 25 years old.

Harteez Official Age

Harteez Official is 25 years old in my review, though this is not his real age. We are still working on how we can get his details.


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Harteez Official Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Harteez Official is $10,000 dollars in terms of writing this article about harteez official biography and net worth.

Harteez Official Instagram

You can follow Harteez Official on Instagram via his official Instagram account @harteezofficial


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