Governor vs senator salary in Nigeria 2022

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Here you will find all the information about governor salary in Nigeria 2022. Keep reading this article to know how much is governor salary in Nigeria 2022.

Governors are paid salaries like every other civilian worker in Nigeria. However, their payments come with allowances such as leave allowance, vehicle allowance, house maintenance, food allowance, etc.

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Apart from the state governors, the deputy governor, as well as the governor’s secretary, are also paid with allowances. Let’s take a look at what their salaries look like. Below is the breakdown.

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Governors Salary in Nigeria 2022

Governor salary in Nigeria 2022

  • Main salary – N2,223,705
  • Leave allowance – N222,370.50
  • End of tenure gratuity – N6,671,115
  • Vehicle allowance is 400% of the main salary
  • Total Salary Earn – N11,540,896.
  • Deputy Governor Salary
  • Main salary – N2,112,215
  • Vehicle allowance – N8,448,860
  • Annual leave allowance – N211,221.50
  • Secretary Of The State Governor
  • Main salary – N1,337,225
  • Severance gratuity – N4,011,675
  • Vehicle allowance – N5,348,900
  • Leave allowance – N133,722.50


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How Governors Are Made In Nigeria

A governor can either be elected or appointed by his people. Based on the election, he is being voted for.

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Based on appointment he has the right and privilege to govern the people for some specific purpose. He has the power and authority to execute the duties of a governor.

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Such a person is known as acting governor. And this situation only occurs when there is no governor on sit probably due to health issues or even death.

An acting governor is then appointed to serve the remaining tenure until the next election.


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