Who is gimba kakanda

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Gimba Kakanda Biography

Gimba kakanda biography

Real Name: Gimba Kakanda

Date Of Birth: 1980`s

Age: Under 40 years old

Profession: Writer, Journalism

Nationality: Nigerian

Net Worth: $50K – $100K dollars

Who Is Gimba Kakanda

Who is gimba kakanda

Gimba Kakanda is the young author of the critically acclaim poetry collection, Safari Pants (Kraftgriot,2010) . He’s endorsed as ‘the new Nigerian poet to watch’ by notable Nigerian literary critics, scholars, writers and journalists in commending the collection praised for its ‘verve, lyrical energy, and, most importantly, terrific imagery’.

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His individual poems, essays, polemics and critiques of contemporary Nigerian writings have sparkled on various print and electronic media, including: Fireflies (2009) , Voices from the Sun (2010) (poetry anthology): Weekly Trust, Sunday Trust, Leadership, The Guardian, New Nigerian, Tribune, Vanguard (Newspapers): Half Tribe, Switched on Naija, Sentinel Nigeria (e-magazine) , e.t.c. He’s currently polishing his debut novel, Footfalls of Night.’

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Gimba Kakanda Career

A skillful and multi-talented writer, Mr. Gimba Kakanda is the author of the critically acclaimed poetry collection, Safari Pants (Krafgriots, 2010).

“His other work has been anthologized. He is an editor at the Daily Nigerian, a daily committed to promoting transparency in governance, and maintains a weekly column in other periodicals concerned with social issues,” the IWP announced on Monday.

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Gimba Kakanda Date Of Birth

Gimba kakanda was born on 1990`s he is under 30 years old at the time of writing this article on gimba kakanda biography and net worth.

Gimba Kakanda Net Worth

The estimated gimba kakanda net worth is $50K – $100K dollars at the time of writing this article on gimba kakanda biography and net worth.

Gimba Kakanda Facebook Handle

You can follow gimba kakanda on Facebook via his official Facebook account @gimbakakanda


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